Commons Concession porch Entry Hall Entry Information Board Entryway Fieldhouse Front Fieldhouse Football Concession Football Records Front of High School Hornet Field Pre-K 2 Pre-K Playground Pre-K 1 Main Gym Old Gym Sudan High School Aerial Sudan High School Tennis Courts Ticket booth Trainer's Room Trophy Hall 1 Trophy Hall 2 Trophy Hall 3 Weight Room Auditorium Bandhall Cafeteria Coach's Office Commons Entry
Commons1 Concession porch2 Entry Hall3 Entry Information Board4 Entryway5 Fieldhouse Front6 Fieldhouse7 Football Concession8 Football Records9 Front of High School10 Hornet Field11 Pre-K 212 Pre-K Playground13 Pre-K 114 Main Gym15 Old Gym16 Sudan High School Aerial17 Sudan High School18 Tennis Courts19 Ticket booth20 Trainer's Room21 Trophy Hall 122 Trophy Hall 223 Trophy Hall 324 Weight Room25 Auditorium26 Bandhall27 Cafeteria28 Coach's Office29 Commons Entry30
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