Some of the faculty of Sudan I.S.D. have requested that they can have their own faculty websites where they can create have their own information on them.

To allow faculty to have thier own websites Sudan I.S.D. and Reliance Systems, Inc. have come up with a simple solution to allow anyone at Sudan I.S.D. to have thier own webpage without knowing any html (hyper text markup language). This is done with a specialized program called Macromedia Contribute. Contribute is as simple as using Microsoft Word or any word processor.

This page will be a major resource in learning how to use Macromedia Contribute and other tips in building your website. This includes how to make links on your website, how to modify graphics to better suit the web, and many other topics.

For you to be successful in making your website it will become necessary that you read and practice the information and tutorials on this page.

Things to Avoid When Creating a Web Site
What is Macromedia Contribute? Visit their site and explore!
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Macromedia Contribute Features

Lesson 1: Creating A Connection to Your Citrix Desktop
Lesson 2: Transferring Files from Your PC to Your Citrix Desktop
Lesson 3: Setting Up a Connection to your Web Site
Lesson 4: Editing Text on your Web Site
Lesson 5: Simple Navigation and Editing Pictures
Lesson 6: Adding Pictures from Your Computer