Debate At Sudan High School

Debate, both Lincoln- Douglas and Cross Examination, have a storied history at Sudan High School. From the CX State Championship Team of Laurie Damron and Wade Donnell in 1985 to the present, debate teams at SHS continue to perform in an exceptional program which aids students in developing their speaking and research skills. These skills coupled with the decorum that is learned and required by the debate program is unique among programs at SHS. The program provides the intensity and skills to investigate current research, proven philosophy, and exhibit formal decorum through argument and presentation as well as carriage and dress.
While winning is an undeniable part of any program, the main focus of the debate program is not based on winning, but on learning. It is the educational value of the program and the many attributes of such a program which lead to the essential paradigm of the debate program. Participants often hear the coach repeat, "Decorum, decorum, decorum; in everything, ...decorum!" Winning at life is far more important than winning any competition. It is imperative that participants have fun and recognize the focused values of the program. The student and their success will always be the focus of the program.
Over the past 12 years Sudan CX teams have advanced nine teams to State competition. L-D Debate has advanced 8 debaters to Regional competition and two to State competition. One student has earned a $7,000 UIL scholarship. And, most importantly, over 90% of all debaters who have been in the program for at least two years are either in college or have completed college. Many have completed or are working on graduate degrees. Bearing that SHS debaters are not a concise list of the top ten percent of their class, but rather represent the diversity of the student body with many coming from the bottom 50%, it could easily be argued that the most successful program at SHS to insure success in college is the debate program. In an effort to honor these debaters and their success, we have created a "Where are they now?" page. The page is under development, so please check back as we contact these debaters and show you where they are and what they are doing now.
Not all who begin debate continue in the program to graduation. It is a hard and long fought battle. In the famous movie, "The Great Debaters," Denzel Washington's character as coach describes debate as, "blood sport." Those who do not finish the race are no less of a student than those who do; and to those who bow out early we say, take what you have learned and apply it to your niche in life, for all can profit from time spent in debate.
And to all parents, thank you for loaning us your young geniuses. They have always been told, "If you're not having fun, let me know and we'll change something." Of course, that is followed immediately by, "First we work and then we party! (Coach's definition of party.)" We hope that they have enjoyed every minute and in the process have become better citizens and made you proud.