UIL Region 17 Congress

          2022 UIL Region Congress winners


This is the official information site for UIL Region 17 Congress



The UIL Region 17 Congress competition has been scheduled for Thursday, November 2, 2023.


The UIL Region 17 Congress contest has been scheduled at the ESC 17 facility in Lubbock, 1111 W. Loop 289.


The tournament will be in-person.


1. "Letters of Intent" are due by Sept. 10th. The letter may be accessed at: https://https://www.uiltexas.org/machform/view.php?id=895171
2. Legislation is due by Sept. 10th sent as an email attachment to the Region Clerk. Thirty-two pieces were received.
3. Remember that each school must file the official UIL Contestant Entry Form by Friday, Oct. 22nd.


The official legislation for our contest will be posted on the UIL Congress website. Use this UIL site version. 
The morning session will use bills 1-10 and the afternoon session will use bills 11-20.
Currently we have legislation from: Denver City, Borden County, Jayton, Lubbock High, Muleshoe, O'Donnell, Roosevelt, Shallowater, Springlake-Earth, Spur, and Sudan. If you have sent legislation and don't see your school in this list, please contact the Region Clerk, Jonathan Robertson. Each school can submit up to 5 pieces (Max 1 per competitor). Legislation is due by Sept. 10th. 32 pieces have been submitted. They will be sent to the committee for ranking. The top 20 will make the final docket.


The cost is the same as last year, $35.00/competitor. Checks should be made out to: Sudan High School. Invoices will be sent out about Oct. 20th. As we must secure judges in advance, drop fees will be charged after Monday, Oct. 24th.
You may bring the check the morning of the contest or mail it in advance to:
                    Sudan ISD
                    Attn: J. Robertson
                    PO Box 249
                    Sudan, TX . 79371

2023 Entries: (As of Sept. 7th, 2023. Check back as numbers will change.)

Current Entries: (Use the # listed after "a total of" for the maximum # of competitors/conference.)
  1A - 6 schools - 1A may not add any alternates as a competitor for a total of 3 competitors
  2A - 3 schools - 2A may add 2 alternates as competitors for a total of 5 competitors
  3A - 5 schools - 3A may add 1 alternate as a competitor for a total of 4 competitors
  4A - 1 school - 4A may add 2 alternates as competitors for a total of 5 competitors
  5A - 3 schools - 5A may add 2 alternates as competitors for a total of 5 competitors
  6A - 1 school - 6A may add 2 alternates as competitors for a total of 5 competitors

      Currently it appears that the chambers will be the same as last year, each with a morning and afternoon session. (As of Sept. 11, 2023)
       Chamber 1: 1A              Probable # of competitors = 17
       Chamber 2: 2A/4A        Probable # of competitors = 17
       Chamber 3: 3A              Probable # of competitors = 20
       Chamber 4: 5A/6A         Probable # of competitors = 19

2023 Schools: (Current numbers from received MachForms. If you don't see your school, email the district Clerk, Jonathan Robertson.)
Denver City, Frenship, Gail Borden County, Jayton-Girard, Lubbock-Cooper, Lubbock High, Lubbock-Roosevelt, Lubbock-Talkington, Monterey, Muleshoe, New Deal, O'Donnell, Petersburg, Plains, Seminole, Shallowater, Springlake-Earth, Spur, Sudan,

     Number of Schools by Classification

          1A = 6 schools,     2A = 3 schools,     3A = 5 schools,     4A = 1 school,     5A = 3 schools,     6A = 1 school        (19 total)


Registration - 8:00-8:15
Meeting with POs - 8:15
Swearing in ceremony - 8:20
Begin morning Session - 8:30
End morning Session - 11:30
Lunch - 11:30 12:45
Begin afternoon Session - 12:45
End afternoon Session - 3:45
Awards assembly - 4:15

(If you notice anything omitted or in error please notify the Regional Clerk.)

Please check back often as this website will grow to include more information.

Committee Members:

Hillary Bleiker - Jayton
Tim Doty - Lubbock High
Cristian Mora - Muleshoe
Savanna Winn - Seminole
Jonathan Robertson - Sudan (District Clerk) (jonathanrobertson@sudanisd.net)