Technology at Sudan ISD

Technology at Sudan ISD is an integral part of the instructional curriculum. The application of technology to the classroom is a seamless instructional tool which cuts across the demographical disparity of the students and staff of SISD to support the collaborative effort of quality education.
The staff is supported by two technologists: Network Administrator - D.J. Provence, and Technology Coordinator - Jonathan Robertson.
In the Summer of 1997 Sudan ISD installed it's first ethernet network. From those humble beginnings the district's technology has grown tremendously. Currently the district supports an almost 1:1 student to computer ratio. There are numerous networked printers and over 10 servers including Windows, DNS, Web, ADS, Cisco IP Phone, and CCTV Servers. The district utilizes several networked educational software programs, an integrated web based attendance and grade book program (which allows teachers to enter grades from school or home, and parent access), and a networked library automation program accessible from home or school
. Additionally, the district offers multiple ITV distance learning lab courses, wireless labs, multiple computer labs, informational social media pages (twitter and facebook), a parent alert system, a digital plasma driven torch, Adobe aided art program, interactive whiteboards, document scanners, a projector in every classroom (w/ cable TV access), other digital devices, and video editing stations. In addition, each teacher is provided a web page on the school's web site which allows them to edit their page from school or home.
Also, the district is a member of the FACT Consortium (Lazbuddie, Muleshoe, Olton, Springlake-Earth, and Sudan ISD). The FACT is a recent recipient of a 1 million dollar T3 Grant.
The Consortium shares many resources over a 10 Gig. Ethernet network running over Fiber provided by Five Area Telephone and running over a hundred miles. The network shared resources include: Panopto, Moodle, and Discovery.
In the high school, computer technology classes are offered in three areas: Business (BCIS I & II), Industrial Technology (AutoCAD and Chief Architect), and Computer
Technologies (Webmastering - Adobe, Computer Science, and AP Computer Science - JAVA). SHS is currently the two time UIL State Champion in Computer Science.
For the 201
3-14 school year each sixth grade student will be issued an Apple MacBook, each 7th grader will receive a Samsung Chromebook, each 12th grader will recieve a Dell laptop, and Junior students enrolled in college courses will also be issued a laptop. Additionally, there are classroom stations in the High School utilizing over 100 iPods and a student reward program in the High School which issues iPads to selected High School students for a 3-6 week period.

7th graders with MacBooks

Tech Presentation 2014